Curiosity is what has taken me from an ordinary middle class
boy to the man behind ShankarBlog. My name is Prem Shankar. I
belong to a small village named Bakaniya Veerpur in Uttar Pradesh.
I have completed my education through Hindi medium.

After completing school, my journey began with my curiosity
about cameras and film making. I wanted to make my career
in this field, but due to my family circumstances it was
not possible.

When you have no resources to achieve your dreams,
you always have the option of gathering resources by taking
risks. With this, I moved to the city of dreams “Bareilly”,
where my budding dream got the opportunity to grow

my youtube channel is sunil2024 https://www.youtube.com/@Minitps

Which I have been doing on YouTube since 2018. In 2019,
my channel got monetized and my first payment from Adsense
was ₹ 83533, which was one Indian rupee.
Which at that time the price of $1 was around 71
rupees, which was my dream of a car and I bought my first car with
my own YouTube income and my dream of a car came true.

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